Made in Taiwan, and assembled in LA.  Lynna Yee has been campaigning to be one of the “cool” kids, but to no avail.  Her penchant for corny vegetable and fruit jokes and her addiction to The Golden Girls reruns may have something to do with it.  But the jury’s still out on that.   So she gave up her quest for “cooldom” and began to embrace her inner “quirk.”  Yes, no doubt you’ve seen her in such familiar roles as The Quirky Neighbor, That Quirky Tech Person, and the ever popular (and the audience favorite) – Quirky Soccer Mom.  But watch out, this khaki-wearing mama has a full-on Rock Star alter ego–writing and performing twisted and angry break-up songs to edgy hipsters.   When Lynna Yee is not wowing the American audience with her acting and musical chops, she’s busy telling Chinese audience around the world to “please hold” and “press 1” from the recording booth.  With such varied talents, it comes as no surprise this Taiwanese-American has earned numerous stage, screen, stand-up, commercial, and voiceover credits, and is a highly respected and immensely talented performer.

When not sharing a cheesecake over late night chat with Betty White, Yee has tried her hand at Jeet Kune Do, belly dancing, swimming, pistol whipping, and pimp slapping.  Lately though, you can find her feeding her current obsessions: dancing away to her favorite Latin beats in Zumba class, mastering her down-ward doggy on the yoga mat, and recovering from the 405 at her local hiking trails.  And in case you’re wondering, no, she’s not that actress from Grey’s Anatomy.

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